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Name:Mrs Biffy
Birthdate:Feb 16
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Website:biffy @ livejournal
i don't know why i feel so tongue-tied;;
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i am the cursive, the anna karenina and the biffyhouse of livejournal

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allons-y!, amélie, anna karenina, apollo/starbuck, arthur/merlin, baby padackles, battlestar galactica, being human, bernard! bernard! bernard! bernard!, biffy clyro, black and white, black books, black russians, blondie, blue Öyster cult, bon iver, boosh, bright eyes, bring on the cribbins, chuck, classics, cold and sunny, conor oberst, constants, converse, crafty stuff, cursive, cute and kickass, daniel faraday, daniel/desmond, david bowie, david mitchell's qi rants, david tennant, dean winchester, depeche mode, doctor who, doctor/donna, donna noble, eddie izzard, elliott smith, fangirling, fantasy, gallifrey, gilmore girls, good grief!, gravity defying quiffs, green wing, guilty pleasures, gwen cooper, harry/nikki, heroes, hideaway in a lift, house md, house/wilson, i are scientists, icons, indie music, inky fingers, isn't that just wizard?, italics, izzard for eleven, j2, jammy dodgers, jared padalecki, jeff buckley, jenny lewis, jensen ackles, jonas armstrong's beard, kai fish, kate bush, keith murray attaaaack!, laura roslin, led zeppelin, lee 'apollo' adama, logan 'butt-faced miscreant' huntzberger, lost, luke/lorelai, manly eyeliner, maria taylor, martin gore, melancholy sundays, merlin's bat ears, michael palin, mitchell's fingerless gloves, morten gamst pedersen, music, my tags, mystery jets, neil gaiman, nevermind the buzzcocks, new slang, nice cup of tea, nose biting, oh hale no, owen harper, painting, papa winchester, patrick rothfuss, petrellicest, pratchett footnotes, pushing daisies, pyjama sharing, qi, radiohead, reading, rilo kiley, roque santa cruz, rory/dean, rsl's eyebrows, rufus wainwright, saddle creek, sam winchester, sex and cheap paperbacks, shoegazing, silent witness, silver eyeliner, slashy goodness, social ineptitude, sticky tape, sufjan stevens, supernatural, sylar, tea and cake, tea solves everything, tellison, ten, ten's rooster hair, terry pratchett, the 19th century novel, the shins, the smiths, tim burton, tiny pink dinosaurs, tiny ten, top gear, torchwood, tori amos, unnecessary falsetto, unrequited wincest, we are scientists, wine, withnail & i, wuthering heights, you are bonkers, zoo time
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