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2018-03-22 11:05 pm

sticky wotsit

biffy's house

+ more of a summer house really
+ i normally reside at biffyhouse

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2010-01-01 08:11 pm
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50 Book Challenge - 2009

I made it to 50 last year... just. This year I am aiming for the same. Upping it to 55 just seemed a little scary, and it seems half the books on my 'to read' shelf are extremely fat and would kill a charging elephant at 50 paces.

18 down, 32 to go! )

My Goodreads page

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2009-06-17 11:37 pm

future sounds

Hey [ profile] mythtaken , remember when went mental and travelled THROUGH TIME! AND SPACE! and predicted what you were just about to listen to?

I'm impressed. Are you impressed? I am.

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2009-06-12 12:38 pm

still knackered, this is all I can do

Snaffled from [ profile] thekatiefactor and [ profile] alohachary1851 

The Character Expression Meme

Journal: [ profile] biffyhouse

.hurt..guilty..bored..laughing. love.

Snag yourself the coding here.

Some of those were tricky. The most 'sexual' icon I have is Milo dry humping ZQ and for sympathy I had to go with House sticking Cuddy in the arse.

And I've no idea why there's a stupid great blank space at the top of this entry. ARGH.

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2009-04-09 04:42 pm

T-minus 2 days. or something

A little over 48 hours until Planet of the Dead. That can only mean one thing. Scans time! I actually got my scanner working on the laptop for the first time today. Only took me 8 months to figure it out.

+ 5 feature pages )
Bit of a last minute thing (which if you know me well, you'll know I hate because I tend to over-organise things) we're going to be spending Easter weekend at the in-law's (which you'll also know I'm not such a huge fan of). I do, however, get to watch this episode with my equally Who-obsessed brother-in-law which is a good thing. He doesn't quite grasp the meaning of spoilers though so I might have to silence him from time to time with a well-aimed cushion. Mind you, he also avidly reads The Sun and believes everything they say so I'll probably be relatively safe!

One last thing - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO [ profile] _surrounded ! Hope your man spoils you rotten this weekend ;)

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2009-03-19 12:41 pm


Okay, Photobucket W. T. F?! My bandwidth went last weekend after all the lovely David Tennant-ness of Comic Relief. That I can understand. I moved some pictures to my other account and my bandwidth allowance reset on Tuesday. Right? RIGHT?! So why is it now exceeded again?! MY LOVELY MILO SPAM HAS GONE ALREADY *fumes*

Is it playing silly buggers or have I really had 27GB worth of traffic in 2 days. I think not. BLOODY PHOTOBUCKET.
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2009-03-15 12:19 pm
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Holy crap-a-rooni!

Well, Friday night was a bit epic wasn't it?!

First I had this: Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Then there was this: Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Altogether 100-odd comments, each of which I replied to with varying levels of sanity because I was in a massive squee.

Only now.... my Photobucket bandwidth has all gone! LMAO - I should've expected that. Lucky for me I have two accounts there now so I've switched over to my other moodtheme and will now go and move all the Comic Relief caps too. So erm, anyone who's wanting to see them still - come back in about half an hour or so! ;D
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2009-03-13 07:59 pm
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David on Comic Relief

Keeping up the running commentary with [ profile] likethesun  on Twitter for you guys is giving me serious squee fits. I did NOT just throw wine all over the laptop in my rush to get these screencaps of the Mastermind Quiz done. Nope. *whistles*

I'll be keeping this going throughout the evening if iPlayer plays nicely so check back for more later :D They're taken from the BBC iPlayer so they're not great but hey, it's DAAAAAAAAAVIIIIIIIIIIIIIIID! \o/

Watch out, it's going to be EPIC.

EDIT Sunday 15th: Wow you guys munched all my bandwidth up!! I've moved all the caps across to my other account now. Please, don't hotlink these or they'll disappear again and we'll all be sad pandas ;)

DT in a white suit.... I AM DED )
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2009-03-13 12:40 pm

you know it looks good on him

Happy 'David is back on the telly' Day \o/

Honk David's nose for hugemongous, mahoosive, screen devouring goodness. Go on, you know you want to :)

Been reading some more of The Writer's Tale this morning. I'm at New Year's 2007 where Russell has just finished the script for 4.12 and is surrendering to a terrible cold. It's made me really really REALLY want to watch those last 2 episodes again. I mean, I had tears in my eyes just looking at the Doctor/Rose running scene. Seeing as I failed in my attempts to make someone buy me the Season 4 boxset for Christmas (and christ is it still expensive - bloody BBC!) I am resorting to other means. Other means currently running at an average of 350kb/s which is pretty damn good going for my internet. Ishall buy a bottle of wine, watch The Stolen Earth and Journey's End and stuff myself with Walkers Sensations. And possibly marshmallows. Mmmmm marshmallows.

Mr S is staying on at work to take pledge calls for Comic Relief so I've got to find some way of amusing myself! He worked on Comic Relief night a few years ago and because it was a Friday night they all tooks drinks in. He partook of a little too much vodka and cherryade (don't knock it 'til you've tried it. Classy it is not, but it tastes good) and was extremely worse for wear the next morning. We were on the train up to his parents' and I had to grab the plastic bin liner from the end of the carriage for him to be sick into. Which was only slightly better than him opening the train door at Sidcup station to throw up on the platform. Yummy.

Oh great, now I'm ending an update on the subject of pink sick. Wonderful.

Oh no hang on. I have a bad leg. That's better.... sort of.

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2009-03-12 12:16 pm

kinder ways to say so long

I just spent £370 on 4 tickets for Truck Festival and 2 for Field Day.

*runs around the lounge with flaily arms*

Mystery Jets were confirmed this week for Field Day so I couldn't help myself. Mogwai and Malcolm Middleton are also playing :)
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2009-02-27 11:28 pm
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(no subject)

Can I just say I am SO FED UP with all the Ruby hate? And the Gen hate? And the hate towards any other girl who has ever been in and/or will ever feature in Supernatural? FED UP, YOU HEAR?! I'm *this* close to making my SPN-free flist the only one I check now.

*wanders off muttering to herself*
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2009-02-19 09:59 pm

made my day


"Conor Oberst and The Mystic Valley Band will release a brand new album on May 5th on Merge Records. The album, titled Outer South, was recorded at Sonic Ranch Studios in Tornillio, outside El Paso, Texas in November/December and features the same talented group of musicians as were present on last year’s acclaimed Conor Oberst album."

Wheeeee! Okay so it's not Bright Eyes but Conor's really pulling his finger out with this one. 16 tracks too. SIXTEEN YOU GUYS!!

Also - I did not just try to format this entry with BB code. Honest.

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2008-12-11 04:36 pm

Merry Who-mas

There's only two occasions when I buy the Radio Times. One - when Doctor Who is on. Two - at Christmas so I can go through it with a big marker pen and circle all the things I'd like to watch (which I nearly always forget to even tape in the end). Christmas issue ALSO means DW of course so I bring scans! I got a bit over excited and even took one of the tiny pic of the Doctor on the contents page because, let's face it, we need as many different shots of DT in that trademark suit as we can before he leaves!

There's also a page of the Top Gear guys arsing about on bikes in Vietnam. Looks hilarious as always. And I didn't take scans of it because I don't think anyone else is excited but there's a bit on Michael Palin revisiting his Around the World in 80 Days trip and I am SO excited to see that. I LOVE Michael. *gushes*

Under here - not really spoilery but you never know )

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2008-12-06 10:18 pm

Some icons!

30 x We Are Scientists
06 x Mystery Jets (Kai)

here @ [ profile] shoe_gazing 



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2008-11-28 02:55 pm
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It's beginning to look a lot like.... oh my god....

Not even 3pm and I've got the light on. Hiding under a duvet and I still can't feel my feet. It can only mean one thing! (Well, several actually - one of which is that I have terrible circulation)

I'm getting in there a couple of days early and proposing the start of the

2008 Christmas Song Exchange Meme!

Here's how it works:
- I've uploaded a few mixes and albums to get us started. Links under the cut!
- Snag away to your heart's content. If I've screwed any links up let me know.
- Share! If you have something that's not on here, post a link in the comments.
- Pimp! Tell your friends to come share! The more the merrier.
- Check the comments for more uploads. I'll be posting any random songs I find there.

Oooh yeah and I finally found the link to the 'original' Yuletide songs meme and there is, quite honestly, the most Christmas songs I have ever seen in one place, like, EVAR.

Also! (yeah, I'll stop soon I promise) I'm in the process of uploading ALL of my Christmas songs to my Box account here. 156 tracks so far. They're sorted by artist so you can have a look and snag whatever takes your fancy.

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2008-11-02 06:58 pm
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Congratulations to Lewis Hamilton! F1 champion at the age of 23. Can't believe how nervous I was on that last lap.
We were all screaming at the TV like a bunch of idiots :D :D :D
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2008-10-28 03:04 pm
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This could be the greatest day of our lives

New Take That single 'Greatest Day' out in a few weeks and album on December 1st. Here's the video.

"Look, we can't all do the big arms thing. We'll look like a squadron of Spitfires!" Thankyou Eddie for having a quote for every situation. :D

Marky still looks like a wee boy, and yet somehow makes me want to rip all his clothes off and corrupt him. Hehehehe.
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2008-07-11 10:43 pm
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The squee, it hath return...eth. (wtf?!)


Now I need to figure out some kind of crossover icons because I've just been sat here deliberating on whether to use Doctor Who or Top Gear *facepalm*